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Upcoming features

Private Course

EMV Cyber Team offers private courses to those who wish to join the Team. The EMV community is based in Kerala. The EMV Cyber Team is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing technical and non-technical assistance.

Full Anonymity
Edufot is fully responsibility for your privacy in upcoming features we never ask your personal details and your wallet

Release your Own Domain

This is upcoming features for instructor. Who will publish the course on Edufot? They can release their own domain

Coin-card Technology
We are presenting our new technology. We never ask you to login with username and password. We just need to verify our coin-card

Without Login
Many are tired to login but we founded another solution. the username and password does not want to login. These are depends on our coin-card technology

Secure Mail System
We will offer you a secure mail system for your privacy and the mail simply can send and receive without spam. we filter spam mail with our Technology

Digital Currency

We will offer you our digital currency for buy product’s. The goal is to reduce money transactions

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